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Bitcoin Gold Price Prediction 2019-2020: How Not To Miss Golden Trading Opportunities?

Changelly 05 Sep 2019
... crypto-money was to improve the initial protocol ... What does it mean that the #NewZealand government officially appoves $BTG as money for salary payments? It means adoption has entered a consolidation state where more people & companies start using it due to its solid fundamentals.

Trying to get back to New Zealand

Minds 24 Aug 2015
5 yrs later am still paying off money from stupid university. . I wana go back to newzealand, ive wanted to;....hence going to university. . I work full time but if your a Brit you know money is crap, ...

Yellow® warns customers of second scam

Scoop 03 Sep 2010
Friday, 3 September 2010, 3.13 pm. Press Release. Yellow Pages ... The invoice is being sent from by mail in order to scam money ... “Whoever is behind this hoax is just trying to scam money from advertisers and they are counting on people thinking the invoice has come from the Yellow Pages Group® ... ENDS ... economic outlook ... .

FryUp: Share the wealth: Million dollar waste

IDG Net 07 May 2003
Top Stories.. - Share the wealth, share the pain ... You could also buy a domain name if you were really bloody stupid and didn't care where your money went ... For the domain name the government in the form of Trade New Zealand and Tourism New Zealand has spent $1 million, after unsuccessfully trying to grab it from the rightful owners ... .

Govt pays up for NZ url

NZoom 02 Apr 2003
... it tried to reclaim the ownership of The government has paid around $1 million to use the country's name as a website after losing an arbitration battle to take off an American company which makes money by owning country domain names.

St. Paul CEO: Company's Constant Change Aided by New Tech Platform

Hoovers 07 Mar 2003
4.16am. NEW YORK (BestWire) - St ... Advertisement. Explore Within This Space At a meeting in New York City, Jay Fishman, St ... Fishman said 18 months ago that St ... St ... St ... "We got out ofour far-flung international operations that made no money. We were spendingmore in airfare to manage them than they made and got out of Australia, NewZealand and Botswana.". St ... .
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